All we need to know about is that the ticking time bomb never explodes

The careful housewife does not wait until the pipes leaving the sink clog so that the plumber will have to peck them. Use regularly to prevent diarrhea. However, we should take care of our health much more! In our body the equivalent of a pipe that is struggling with impurities is the large intestine. We do not care if we do not have pain, diarrhea, constipation. This is a mistake because it is better to prevent than to heal.


Large intestines are essential for the health and functioning of the body. There is a final stage of absorption of water, electrolytes and mineral salts from food residues and the production of certain vitamins (K and Group B). It is here with about 2 kg of what we eat each day is formed and prepared to expel only 200-300 g of fecal mass. But it is not everything. The gut is the most important organ of the human immune system. It contains Peyer’s tufts, which produce immune cells that can resist the pathogens attacking us (viruses, bacteria), toxins and allergens. If the large intestine functions abnormally, we fall more often, for example, to upper respiratory tract infections. Seriously disturbed intestinal motility makes it like a ticking time bomb! It becomes a reservoir of lethal toxins, which get out of it and cause havoc in the body!


Large intestine is a battlefield between useful and harmful bacteria. Beneficial lactic acid bacteria (improving the absorption of the necessary minerals, antitumor and antitumor activity) and bifidobacteria (stimulating intestinal peristalsis, fighting diarrhea and increasing immunity) counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, acidifying the environment. If these beneficial bacteria are not enough, their potency will weaken. Such a dreadful deficit can cause, for example, antibiotic therapy (we usually take probiotics to prevent it). An inadequate diet is also wrong in which high-processed products predominate, and there are no sources of fiber (whole grains, vegetables, fruits). Yet most of us eat it! And we do not try to support the intestines in any way, by condemning them, and by the whole body, on an uneven fight. By doing so recklessly, we cause disturbances in intestinal peristalsis and rhythm of bowel movements. Constipation causes that we do not expel the entire fecal mass, and its remains in the diverticulum and adhere to their walls, even more difficult to work the intestinal villi. Fecal stones are formed that can remain in the intestine for as many as a dozen years!

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas are symptoms of intestinal dysfunction, which can not be ignored because they can lead to serious illness (irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation, bowel cancer). Moreover, poisons and toxins, which persist in regular intestines, cause the body to become self-inflicted! Some doctors say the cause of as many as 90% of the disease is just toxins from the intestines!


Fermented, long-standing stools and persistent stagnant processes are a good environment for parasites such as: owl, human glist, lamblia, tapeworm and many others. Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult to bring an unwanted tenant, even if there is no hygiene or eating contaminated meat or fish. Excessive appetite or lack of it, fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, acne, migraine itching in the anal area may indicate the presence of parasites. But intruders from outside are not the only threat. Hazardous intestines may be started dangerously – yeast. They are a natural component of the bacterial flora, but when it comes to imbalances within it, they grow into mycelium and adhere to the intestinal walls! They make it difficult to work and cause unpleasant symptoms: gas and bloating, bloating. On top of that, fungi can get on and cause systemic fungal infections!


But how? Is the only way out is hydrocolonotherapy, ie intestinal flushing? Fortunately not. They are easier and more enjoyable methods. Just take the right diet and take the remedies to remove the toxins and toxins. So does the herbal cleansing system COLON PACK. It contains fiber (soluble and insoluble), ie fiber. It does not decompose in the intestines, but it absorbs water and swells, increasing the volume of fecal mass and stimulating bowel movements that cause bowel movements. It cleans the intestines from toxins, slows down the absorption of food, thus preventing blood glucose fluctuations (it is important for diabetics and people at risk for diabetes) and inhibits harmful septic processes. After COLON PACK we can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that in our well-functioning intestine there are no parasites or fungi …

Joanna Chlebicka