Composition of purifying herbs and two types of fiber

This is the most powerful weapon against any contaminants in the body. Taking two scoops of this unique plant-herbal ingredient in one with two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble, into a glass of water or juice, stirring and then drinking, you will begin the process of gentle elimination of faecal feces from the intestine and removal of toxic substances. In addition, it will enhance the effect of Parasine Plus and will also help to get rid of parasites.



CoFiber is a dietary supplement designed for people who care about the proper functioning of the urinary system and the digestive system, while supporting intestinal peristalsis. The product supplements the daily diet, among other things in the soluble dietary fiber derived from the seeds of the sand plantain.



Thanks to content
including seeds of
sand plantain, CoFiber
supports the process intestinal cleansing
of fecal deposits.



CoFiber supports
the removal process
of toxins and unnecessary
Metabolism products also
through the kidneys and not only.



CoFiber working
complementarily with
Parasine Plus to help
get rid of the
parasites from the organism

CoFiber main features

CoFiber contains a soluble dietary fiber, derived from the seeds of the sand plantain, which, after ingestion, forms a water-binding mucusand wich soften the intestinal contents. This protects the stomach wall from irritating factors and helps the intestinal cleansing process. This action can be compared to a sponge that absorbs and cleanses your intestines from impurities.


helps to maintain microbial balance in the intestines and helps
to protect against harmful microorganisms (bacteria, fungi).


Cinnamon bark

helps to maintain normal gastric levels and stomach comfort. It has antioxidant activity.


Italian Nutshell

it supports the function of the digestive tract.
Helps maintain regular intestinal functioning.


Taraxacum officinale

contributes to the proper functioning of the bile duct and the liver. Helps to keep the physiological balance of pH in the stomach.
Helps to maintain proper urinary flow

Portion recommended for consumption

Orally – for the first 7 days one flat measure of CoFiber powder, from the 8th day two flat scoops. About 15 minutes before breakfast, add CoFiber powder to a non-aerated glass (preferably warm water), juice or other drink, mix thoroughly and drink immediately. It is advisable to drink a glass of some drink (preferably non-carbonated water) for breakfast.


Nasienie babki płesznik, skórka cytrynowa, kwiat hibiskusa, łupina orzecha włoskiego, kwiat wrzosu, kwiat bratka polnego, aloes, owoc pieprzu cayenne, kora cynamonu, znamię kukurydzy, korzeń mniszka lekarskiego, nasienie kozieradki, czosnek, korzeń imbiru, owoc papai, liść mięty pieprzowej, liść jeżyny pofałdowanej, pestki dyni, kora wiązu czerwonego, korzeń juki.


400 g


Do not deceive yourself that you are free from toxins! It’s impossible because they are everywhere: in the food we eat, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe, and in the many products we use every day. In our large intestine there may be more than 400-500 “tenants”. If it is contaminated, the toxins may get out of its way and cause diseases of the nearby organs such as: kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, and in women – uterus, ovaries, men – prostate. toxins they cause serious disorders in the body because they weaken the organism and make it more susceptible to various health problems.

Helps to purify your body. This comprehensive blend consists of with several dozen herbs, soluble and insoluble in water. Studies have shown that soluble fiber causes many health benefits for the body, and insoluble fiber helps to remove toxins and other impurities (eg faeces). In addition, it helps maintain proper body weight by swelling in the stomach and giving a feeling of satiety, so that we eat less. Beneficially affects the digestive tract and supports correct digestion and excretion.