You will find the most frequently asked questions about the Colon Pack

The recommended use of the Colon Pack is twice a year.

Yes, there are no contraindications for using Colon Pack more often than recommended twice a year, or for two or three consecutive months. Cleansing the body is always accompanied by an increase in energy and overall well-being, so after three or four months we will gladly use the colon pack again.

Yes, if we are sure we are parasites carriers. In such cases, the use of the Colon Pack should be continued for three consecutive months. It is related to
By eliminating parasites and their spores more accurately – eggs in huge quantities.

Yes, if you want to thoroughly cleanse your body, the order of use of products made up of the Colon Pack is very important and can not be changed.

Yes, each of the products that make up the Colon Pack can be used individually
eg .:

  • Purifying Tea can be used for constipation.
  • Parasine Plus against parasites, but here we always recommend adding the tea.
  • CoFiber to supplement dietary fiber.

This is not necessary. However, it is best to start using on Friday morning, so Saturday and Sunday will be days when you will be able to figure out how the body will respond to this product.

Every human body responds differently to different things or products. Sometimes, in some people, such reactions may happen, so it is important to drink purifying tea in the evening to minimize the risk of unexpected bowel movements during the day.

Generally, there is no need, but it is advisable to limit the consumption of white sugar. Sugar, as it is known, is a very good nutrient for mushrooms, and when we use Colon Pack cleansing, we also clean the mushrooms – so we limit their nutrients. If we add one day a week without meat, our body will pay for it.

Yes, but remember to do at least 30 minutes between taking your medication and Colon Pack. If your doctor advised You to take a fasting drug, of course, You first take the medication and after about 30 minutes You start the Colon Pack.

You can expect this but it is not guaranteed by our company. Keep in mind that Colon Pack is not a slimming agent for cleansing and weight loss is a result of the removal of toxins, excess water and bowel feces from the intestines. But if we want to use a slimming treatmentThe Colon Pack will give you a better and lasting weight loss result.

This is a very common question, many people before using the Colon Pack has such concerns. There is nothing to fear, no one has ever noticed such an effect and no one signaled anything to us.

We do not recommend the use of Colon Pack for pregnant or lactating women. With the cleansing of the body you have to wait until the end of the feeding. However, it is advisable to cleanse the body of future parents before the pregnancy of the future mother.

CoFiber is a blend of specially selected herbs and fibers, each of which has its own special task to do. It is an integral part of the Colon Pack kit which all three products act synergistically. If we replace it with some other cheaper fiber then do not expect the proper actions of the other two products. So the answer to this question is clearly NOT.

Colon Pack is for adults only.

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