The MITRA Colon Pack cleansing system has a very good user ratings. Among them are doctors and natural medicine practitioners. Here are some of them: The results shown in here for example, weight loss, are for those individuals and can not be guaranteed by our company.

Dr Eugeniusz Siwik

… Getting Started with Colon Pack, It is also an excuse for taking care of your body, your health and longevity.

During Colon Pack, I have seen many positive changes, both subjective and objective. None of the other supplements
I have used so far have been so positive. The most important thing is the elimination of constipation and it is already in the first three days of use, revelation. After 12-14 days, “scientific research” on the contents of gastrointestinal excretions is more appropriate. Subjective changes are a feeling of lightness in the upper abdomen, general well-being. On this occasion, pay attention to drinking enough water from 8 to 10 glasses a day, this is a very important principle. It would be good to make light adjustments in nutrition, in a nutshell: two days of vegetarian food a week, another two days of fish dishes, two days in a week without dairy products, drinking coffee, tea, sugar.

I know that these are very difficult and unpopular rules, but the beginning of using the Colon Pack System is also
a excuse for taking care of your body, your health and longevity.

Dr Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz

Horror! A worm left my body !!!

What do we eat? It’s better not to go into it. If we were not careful looking at the backstage of food production, the chance of eating anything later would be negligible. Unfortunately, we have to eat what we are given, drink what belongs to us and breathe in the air wich surronds us Unfortunately.

I used to apply for a Colon Pack from a former colleague from the Bialystok Medical Academy. Although I did not have any major health problems, but the frequent feeling of fatigue, waking up with a heavy head or sore back, is for someone as active as I am very cumbersome.

Without protest, I gave up uncomfortable therapy. For the first two weeks nothing happened. But I had a slightly lower appetite, which at my age and with limited mobility in the autumn is even advised. I also noticed a change in attitude towards Chinese and Turkish bars. Before I had enetered almost every food bar, later I avoided them with a broad bow.

In the third week I started to fasten the strap to one hole, reduced the need for sleep, and increased interest in women. At the same time, I felt a decrease in abdominal tension and almost forgotten lightness of the back. Have they been the spectacular evidence of Colon Pack? No, not yet.

The proof came out of me during self-made pedicure, when I rubbed off the big toe of the big toe. I thought it was just a hardened skin. I cut her off, and then from the inside, or from me, came out SOMETHING. Horror !!!

It was white, about two centimeters in length and slowly cracked. How did he get to me, what was he doing there and most important: how many had a family?

Came a little luck. I did not go to the lab. I dropped it into the toilet bowl and it sailed away.

The conclusion was obvious. The worms or worms found a warm nest in me. The worm dolce vita was disturbed by Colon Pack, so the only rational solution was the consistent continuation of therapy.

And that’s how it happened. After a month there was a marked improvement in health. My back ached, my strength and willingness to return to life, even in the most cloudy days, and the hope that I got rid of “tenants.”

I am, however, a realist. I do not go to street bars, but I eat other inventions, I drink water and I breathe dirty urban air. So: in a half year I will repeat the Colon Pack treatment.

Barbara Rożdżyńska

… to her astonishment bordering on the morning toilet, she said she had disposed of a disgusting worm

My office has been running for 13 years. The pollution of the body with parasites and toxins in my patients I meet almost every day. Reflexology treatments works but if they can be helped, the therapeutic effects are definitely better. I often advised my patients to use some cleansing, but most often they were complicated and time consuming methods and who has the time now.

I came across Colon Pack about 1.5 years ago. The first set, as I always do with the new products I tested on myself. The effects were excellent and although I am a person who is very concerned about my health, energy, mood and skin improvement, these are just some of the things I did not expect but which I clearly noticed. I would gladly recommend the Colon Pack to my patients whom I knew was very helpful and could help.

A great example of proper use of Colon Pack is the case of one of my patients. She has suffered from asthma for many years, constant bloating and protruding stomach despite her generally slim figure. Standard tests for parasites found nothing. On the 15th / 16th day after the Colon Packie treatment began, to her astonishment, bordering on the morning toilet, she said she had disposed of a nasty worm. Her condition almost immediately improved significantly. At the end of Colon Pumps and the full cycle of my treatments, I was able to stop the inhaled preparations which had to be used for several years. The beatings went away and the protruding abdomen narrowed down.

There are more and more examples in my practice.

I am happy to work with this product and I would recommend it, it is simple to use and very effective.

Barbara Rożdżyńska

tel. 516-121-600

Maja Błaszczyszyn

Persons who have a very poisonous organism may experience temporary discomfort at the beginning of treatment.

The human body is often washed and cleaned from the outside, while the inside of the body is not adequately cleansed, and this contributes to overweight and many diseases. We do not realize how much energy is needed to remove toxic waste from the body that comes from different sources. When energy is not enough, the rate of spontaneous detoxification slows down and as a result all processes in the body are impaired. Therefore, support is needed in this important process. Such a support may be the Colon Pack, effectively cleansing the digestive tract. Persons who have a very poisonous organism may experience temporary discomfort at the beginning of treatment. We can observe edema, bloating, headache, nausea, muscle aches, fatigue, irritability, free stools. These symptoms may or may not occur in different configurations, sequences and severity. These are normal detoxification processes. Do not worry about them, as they usually go away after a few days and soon we begin to feel lighter, more energetic and animated. After cleansing, we must strive to eliminate bad habits of lifestyle, especially to pay attention to rational and healthy eating. You also need to do a food intolerance test to avoid products that harm us.

Maja Błaszczyszyn – biochemist, natural therapist.

Natural Medicine Clinic KOMED

tel. 22 628 74 82/83


Sławomir Nowakowski

I tested it myself in all possible ways and now I can calmly recommend it to anyone

… I am a natural medicine and finally found time and wrote a health guide titled “Beauty and Health”, in which I have acquired almost all the knowledge gained in studies, various courses and meetings. But I do not forget about one and every one of this I repeat: regularly clean your body like me and it will repay you good health.

Until recently, products for cleaning myself and my loved ones brought from the USA. Until recently, because what was my surprise as one of my friends invited me to meet with a Polish company, which just introduced its new product with the same as the description of the action. Initially, I did not really want to believe that it was possible for this new product to be as good as the ones I was used to, and the experience I have is great. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to use this product. And here, although I was skeptical about it, my surprise was even greater. It did not give in to anything, neither in taste nor most importantly in the effects of the products to which I was accustomed. I tested it first in all possible ways and now I can calmly recommend it to anyone because, as it is said, who should clean up his body? – EVERYBODY !!!

Sławomir Nowakowski – naturotherapeuta, irydolog, reflexologist.

tel. 505-309-799

Teresa Zakrzewska

On the 12th day of the application, I noticed in the morning toilet that there were live, unknown parasites.

I have … years. I am a very caring person. I use a variety of dietary supplements. Because I like animals I have at home dogs and cats. Approx. Last year I was on another visit with a vet friend. He applied his resources to me and suggested that I also carry out one of the cleansing therapies because I certainly have some parasites in my body that may come from my pets. I have carried out several different cleansing methods in this Tombak. I was completely calm that I was already “clean”.

A few months ago I came across the new Colon Pack cleansing supplement. Although I was sure I was “clean” and did not have to use anything else, I decided to try this new product. On the 12th day of the application, I noticed in the morning toilet that there were live, unknown parasites. I was surprised and surprised that my body would be clean now. I had some observations for the next few days. I continued the treatment for two consecutive months, during the last three weeks of using Colon Pack nothing similar again.

What are faecal feces, how they look, and how disgusting the smell may be at the turn of the second and third week of use. I am extremely pleased that fate came into contact with this product. With full confidence Colon Pack I recommend to everyone, because everyone should use this product to clean up. At the end of the treatment, I improved my complexion better, slept better, got up refreshed.

Satisfied Teresa Zakrzewska from Czestochowa.

tel. 604-265-043

Sławomir Rose

It surprised me that such a simple product, gave very satisfying results …..

For 15 years he has been passionate about naturopathy. Conducting health consultations comprehensively, I go to the issue of improving the well-being of my clients. Training in which I have participated in recent years has often raised the problem of human body pollution, with particular attention to the deposits and toxins in the intestines. In many books, the ways of purifying oneself are discussed in great detail. Personally, I also used different techniques. The people I talked with agreed on the need to remove harmful substances from their bodies. In each case, however, when someone recommended a cleansing treatment I encountered resistance to the nuisance of cleansing techniques and the complex and time-consuming mode of their application. After all, these people are often in contact with animals, and occasionally their own pets make up for themselves, forgetting about themselves (and remember that 99% of pet owners have parasites). Because of this, I have been searching for a comfortable and uncomplicated way for several years, which I could apply myself to, while recommending it to those who are interested. The intestinal tract can be better used by human nutritional supplements supplied with food. I am aware of the need for healthy eating and, due to food poverty in nutrition, the need to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals. At the same time I realize that we can use the most expensive “vitamins”, but a large part of them, through what lies in our intestines (also parasites) is not used by us. Often we just feed our “worms”, they also “like” vitamins and minerals important for us, especially silicon. For two years I was looking for an effective way to remove parasites until it appeared, recommended to my colleague Colon Pack. Because all the products I recommend myself use the same, and the same with the Colon Pack. This product, uncomplicated in use, surprised me with the effects. From the very beginning I felt an increased level of energy. As an athlete with a passion for a clear indicator of change, it was for me that I was able to run more than twice as often as usual, and the next day I did not feel so. leeches in the muscles, which previously happened frequently. Now, even after the hardest effort, climbing the stairs was no problem. I will say that Colon Pack quickly removed from my body a toxin and lactic acid formed after exercise. The second effect is the specific & quot; scent & quot; in the toilet showing the expulsion of remnants of medicines that I once used. After 8-10 days, bowel glands began to get more intense. At the end of the treatment appeared parasites, but I could not determine their type. The feedback from my friends was very positive. The biggest surprise for me was the information from my friend (the owner of two dogs) about the expulsion of 20 centimeters of it. Interestingly, he had previously had a colonoscopy study, and after this study he was found to have a clean colon. My own experience with the Colon Pack has made this set of three products the most commonly recommended for my clients, both naturally and as well as those who are already advanced in body cleansing techniques such as biotherapists, massage therapists and rehabilitation clinics. area. Colon Pack makes us feel better and better. Get started today.

Sławomir Rose

Phone 507 140 498, 607 77 45 67

Stanisław Szcześniak

I’m 74 years old. At the end of the cure, sleep problems were gone, and I wake up refreshed and full of energy in the morning.

I’m 74 years old. With “colon pack”; I met 6 months ago. I started to use it because of gastrointestinal problems (heartburn, constipation, etc.). Already after 2 weeks of use, I felt a clear improvement – my discomfort subsided, my physical and mental condition improved. Disappearance of sleep problems, in the morning I wake up refreshed and full of energy (despite my age). At the end of the cleansing treatment, the quantity of food decreased. After two months of colon cleansing I feel at least 15 years younger. The health effect is lasting and on the basis of my own experience I would gladly recommend this product to anyone who would like to hear about it, regardless of age.

Yours – S. Szcześniak.

Kasia 25 lat z Warszawy

In general, complexion have improved, my hair and nails have strengthened, and the well-being after using this wonderful product is just sensational. I feel light and beautiful.

Warsaw, 02-10-2008

Dear Sir or Madam!

Firstly I would like to thank you very much for being there and producing something so sensational.

I am 25 years old and since I always remember I have suffered from being overweight, which was very embarrassing and embarrassing for me.

Three months ago I came across a “colon pack”. It turned out to be a terrific antidote to my ailment. After the first week of using this wonderful product, I noticed that I began to feel lighter, had more energy, and improved my overall well-being. After the second week, I began to notice not only the weight loss but also the improvement of complexion (which I had not previously complained about and I did not try to be better because I did not need it), but it smoothed out and ceased to “shine”.

After all the recommended by the manufacturer I am very pleasantly surprised by this wonderful product. In general, I improved my complexion, strengthened my hair and nails and well-being after using this wonderful product I have just sensational. I feel light and beautiful

I would strongly recommend the colon pack to everyone.

Regards, Kasia from Warsaw.

Mariusz 37 lat z Wrocławia

Colon Pack has helped me get rid of the ailments that have bothered me for a few years!

Wroclaw, 12-08- 2015
For a few years I have struggled with recurring abdominal pain, especially after eating certain foods (especially fried, hard-to-digest foods). After using Colon Pack, my discomfort began to fade. I got rid of digestive discomfort and started eating foods that I refused because of my problems. Since then, I have tried at least twice a year to administer Colon Pack.

Best wishes,


Monika 44 lata z Konina

Finally, I have dealt with constipation
Konin, on 03-02-206

Ladies and gentlemen,
A few months after taking Colon Pack, I can say with certainty that no other product has helped me cope with my troubling constipation. This disease has been with me since I remember. The doctors said that “my nature” and they were not able to advise me anything other than ad-hoc actions that only helped a while. From a friend I heard about Colon Pack and decided to give it a try. The effects were already in the first week of use, but I was not happy. Regular monthly bowel movements appeared. I did not expect this condition to last longer. Today I can say with certainty that I have succeeded! Nevertheless, in a few months I will again get this great product.

Thank you very much!


Anna 48 lat z Andrychowa

I feel light and full of energy
Andrychów, 04-11- 2016

Colon Pack was recommended by a friend working in a health food store. At first I approached the subject quite skeptical – I did not suppose that herbal dietary supplements would affect the improvement of my well-being. The first days of treatment were quite difficult. I was weak and tired. However, these symptoms quickly passed and I felt a surge of strength in the second week of use. The effect after the cleansing is great – I feel light, it is easier for me to get up in the morning because I better sleep, the problems with constipation have disappeared. I will certainly repeat the treatment in the spring!



Karol z Łodzi

After two weeks of using Colon Pack there was a very noticeable change on my face

Mgr Ewa Stypułkowska

Feedback from patients taking Colon Pack

Aneta Kościelska

Depending on your age and health problems, Colon Pack has been …