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Colon Pack is a three-month dietary supplement, thanks to the unique combination of various forms of reaching the body, acts on it in a multidimensional manner. Each ingredient has been selected to support itand strengthen each other. Thanks to this, the Colon Pack system works better other than the individual products, replacing at least one of the preparations would result in worse results.

The Colon Pack consists of three products, each of which can be purchased separately:


Parasine Plus

It was developed,
to help clean up
the organism, and
to remove unwanted
parasites and toxins from it.

100 capsules / Price: 75 zł



This is a mixture
of many herbs,
soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.
Helps to cleanse the organism
from toxines and feces.

400 g powder + measure / Price: 150 zł


Natural Purifying Tea

Composed exclusively
of natural ingredients,
It helps to remove toxic
substances from the body
and helps to evacuate.

30 sachets / Price: 25 zł

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Colon Pack kit

The Colon Pack consists of three products: Parasine Plus, CoFiber, Natural Purifying Tea.

  • Parasine Plus 100 capsules

  • CoFiber 400 g + measure

  • Natural Purifying Tea 30 sachets

  • Information leaflet with instructions

Price: 250 zł

Benefits of using Colon Pack

Benefits of using Colon Pack in several examples.

Digestive system
and urinary system

Easing the afflictions
of the digestive and urinary system

excess water

Removal of the excess water
from the body


Better assimilation
of nutrients

and intestines

Help with functioning of the stomach and intestines

Supply of
dietary fiber

Supply of dietary fiber that supports gastric and intestinal function

of parasites

Elimination of parasites,
toxins and feces

Colon and liver

Support in cleaning
colon and liver


Natural cleansing of the body
from toxins and other unnecessary substances

Help to reach
the right weight

Help to reach the
right body weight

How to use the Colon Pack

STEP 1 Take four capsules of Parasine Plus 30-45 minutes before breakfast.
STEP 2 At 15-30 minutes before breakfast, mix and drink with two CoFiber brands.
STEP 3 Brew for 2 to 8 minutes and drink Natural Purifying Tea just before bedtime.
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