About us

About us

Mitra Company

MITRA was founded in 1994. Initially we mainly deal with importing tea to Poland. Since 1999. We have introduced our product called SuperFresh. They were the first Polish sugar-free snack, not only for diabetics but also for the general consumer and for people on a controlled diet. Distribution on the Polish market of SuperFresh products has connected our activity with the associations of diabetics, wholesalers with healthy food and herbal products. Although we did not realize it ourselves, this fact turned out to be the beginning of our new direction of development – herbs, minerals, natural methods of supporting the treatment of various ailments. The first product was Biszofit Poltava from Ukraine. Then we established a partnership and got a representative of the Afra company – a company in the herbal medicine has experience of several generations. Our current knowledge is now expanded with professional training. We also share our experience with other people. By working on the further development of our company we have developed a new product – Colon Pack Herbal Cleansing System. And it was a “bull’s eye”. Thanks to fast growing customer satisfaction, the Colon Pack has become our leading product. We are still preparing new, very interesting products such as MultiSet – a comprehensive preparation that provides us with substances and compounds necessary for the proper functioning of our body or vitamin C powder.

Since you are on our site, you either have a health problem or you want to take care of it, and if so, start with cleansing. We encourage you to contact us by phone, email and in person at our office at ul. Grenadier 13/96 at the Grochów district in Warsaw.
We will try to answer your questions comprehensively.

Best Regards,

Ryszard Piotr Wieloch

Ewa Pykało