Take care of Your daily portion of vitaly for Your organism!


Yes, but only apparently, because from the perspective of our body, even if we are full, we remain … undernourished, because we lack the necessary nutrients. And these deficiencies not only aggravate our physical and mental condition, but also lead to serious illnesses. By taking the natural MultiSet, we can prevent this.

MultiSet is a complex preparation that provides us with the substances and compounds necessary for proper functioning of our body. In scientific studies it was determined that it contains: 19 minerals and trace elements, 17 vitamins, 19 amino acids, 15 enzymes, 17 antioxidants and 37 biologically active substances. However, in fact, according to widely available literature, there are many more. They are the source of herbs and plants for centuries used in natural medicine.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed their beneficial effect, which our ancestors have discovered much earlier. Among the ingredients of the MultiSet is, among others. Ginseng, called the root of life and the mountain rosary, to which the Vikings organized the expeditions to Siberia, because they believed that he added strength and health to … 200 years. As valuable ingredients, the MultiSet contains as many as fourteen, so their beneficial effects cover practically the entire body.

The composition of the preparation was chosen so that the health benefits of one plant made it possible for the most effective effects of others and strengthened their activity, such as improved digestion and intestinal peristalsis, that nutrients are better absorbed and can pass from the intestines to other parts of the body.

The antioxidant action is a common feature of many ingredients (blueberry, cranberry, lycopene, green tea, mountain rose, raspberry, oat, pomegranate). They contain antioxidants that sweep away damaging free radicals that accelerate the aging process of the body, which promotes the development of serious civilization diseases, including such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, cardiovascular and cancer.

Nourish every cell.

German scientist Dr. Matthias Rath, creator of the so- Cellular medicine has proven that the cause of most chronic diseases is long-term deficiency of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. in the cells of our body. It is precisely from the cell, the smallest functional unit of the body, that our state of health depends. Every organ or system consists of millions of cells (only within a minute the organism produces 2 million new ones in place of those that die), and their proper nutrition protects us from disease. It is important to consider why cancer or heart disease, which are killers in our part of the world, affect the Hunz tribe in a small way. Because they live in the Himalayas, close to nature, and eat what they grow in an uncontaminated environment, not unhealthy and highly processed foods like we do.

Antidote to the harmful aspects of civilization is to provide the body with valuable ingredients, the repository of which is MuliSet. Its comprehensive action has not only long-term effects (protection against disease), but also ad hoc: it will provide us with a sense of well-being, improve memory and concentration, give us greater physical and mental strength.

MultiSet ingredients are precisely selected to be completely safe and restore their natural balance, homeostasis, which is the key to vitality and health. MultiSet supplements the daily diet with valuable nutrients necessary for proper nutrition of our body’s cells, and meets its increased energy needs, thereby strengthening immunity and stimulating self-healing.

Help the body in self-healing process

Our body has the ability to heal itself, it is our strongest weapon, without which even a virus regarded as relatively harmless could kill us. But for an organism that can be compared to a complex factory where billions of chemical reactions are occurring every second, it can operate efficiently and use this reliable weapon as its enormous potential, we need to provide it with ammunition. The trouble is that our body is more demanding than we are – we satisfy ourselves with hunger (we are hungry and when we eat something worthless and when we eat a lot of nutrients), but individual systems and organs suffer acute shortcomings if they do not get it. proper fuel. From the perspective of our body it looks like we can be full, even overdone – because obesity is an epidemic of our time – and in fact we are … undernourished, because we lack the appropriate substance. We can deliver them using MulitiSet.

Mitra’s complete control over the various phases, from the purchase of raw materials, through production to the finished product, is the guarantee of its quality and compliance with the most stringent standards. It is best to use it after the end of the process of cleansing the body, which then especially assimilates the necessary beneficial nutrients.



Memory and concentration improvement

simplifying the memorazing , has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Increasing the physical fitness

It expands the blood vessels in the muscles, increases the resistance to the effort.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

It normalizes cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels, protects blood vessel walls, improves cardiac performance, makes plaque plaque build up in vessels.

Stimulate immunity

It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, stimulates the immune system, works anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Prevention of edema

It has a diuretic effect.

Eye protection

It lowers intraocular pressure, strengthens the blood vessels in the eye, improves eye microcirculation and vision at dusk.

Digestive system support

Helps to memorize, positively affects the nervous system.

Improve skin condition

Carotenoids give the skin a nice color and smoothness.

Vitality, better mood

It causes an increase in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that responds to the mood. Relieves anxiety, reduces feelings of fatigue and drowsiness.

Joanna Chlebicka

Consultation: Maja Błaszczyszyn