Many of us suffer from constipation (every second woman and every fourth woman). The problem is shameful, but also very unpleasant. And what’s worse, because the stagnant pulp and prolonged septic processes threaten the self-assurance of the body.

We should be deflating every day, preferably in the morning (verticalisation of the body is a factor that causes the fecal mass to move and consequently bowel movement), although it is a very individual matter.

If bowel movements do not occur regularly and often enough, we are usually guilty of it. We lose the wrong eating habits and unsuitable lifestyle. We provide the body with too little fiber – we use a low-residual diet, which in turn is a risk factor for the development of colon cancer. We have not enough movement – sedentary lifestyle does not stimulate intestines to work, does not increase their appetite movements. It is also common to take a small amount of fluids – doctors recommend 2 liters a day.

Symptoms of dehydration

Keep in mind that when taking Colon Pack, take care of proper hydration. The intake of fiber requires a sufficient amount of water (8-10 glasses a day). What happens if the amount of water drunk does not exceed 3 glasses throughout the day? The released toxins instead of being excreted, accumulate in the body and then the cleansing reactions can be more intense. Severe symptoms will disappear if we provide enough water to the body. If this does not happen, contact your doctor.

You have to change bad habits: processed foods change to whole grains (wholemeal bread, rice and pasta) and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables while avoiding obesity products (sweets, chocolate). Also find time to move, even get off the bus on the way to work stop early and beat this distance on foot.

Irregular bowel movements and excessive bowel obstruction in the intestines mean that the enteric processes in the intestines are prolonged and thus impair the beneficial balance between good and bad bacteria living there and weaken our immunity.

They also cause unpleasant symptoms such as dermatitis, headache, intestinal pain, gas, bloating. The consequence of constipation is the retention of faeces in the intestinal tract, which can be up to a dozen or so years old and change into faecal stones. In the long term, constipation can lead to haemorrhoids (varicose veins and anorexia), which every fifth Pole suffers from. Inadequate bowel function can also cause their condition, such as inflammation or irritable bowel syndrome.

Therefore, do not underestimate the constipation, although they are so common. The NATURAL PURIFYING TEA by MITRA included in COLON PACK kit, will help You to evacuate and to remove toxins from the body. It contains only natural ingredients.